Localized Transmission Case Repair Salvages Critical Component


The job of any vehicle’s transmission is to change gears to ensure the engine’s RPM’s are kept low (depending on speed and acceleration). When the vehicle’s transmission is in working order, fuel consumption is decreased, and the turning of the gears does not overload the engine. With unpredictable environments and severe conditions, off-highway vehicle transmissions […]

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In-situ Repair Maintains Critical Alignment


As with many machines, alignment of gears and components is critical. So, when even one component becomes out of round or out of tolerance, it can jeopardize not just the machine, but the entire operation with the threat of downtime and costly repairs. Unfortunately, the largest coal mining operation in Kalimantan, Indonesia, experienced just this […]

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Restoring Tolerance to Wheel Hub Bolt Holes


Off highway vehicles face demanding environments. And every component of that vehicle is essential. For the largest coal mining operation in Kalimantan, Indonesia, that critical component was a wheel hub assembly. The wheel hub assembly allows the vehicle to steer freely, and is critical to the anti-lock braking and traction control systems. But when a […]

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Selective plating – a quick and sustainable fix for long-term mining challenges.


Now more than ever, the mining industry needs cost-effective solutions to meet the long-term challenges presented by harsh environments, rising costs and increased environmental pressures. Mining’s off-road equipment and vehicles have to cope with extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions including water and dust, as well as heavy duty cycles and vibration, all pushing machines […]

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Reducing Variability by 80% with Flow Plating


FAMAT, an equally owned subsidiary of Safran Aircraft Engines and GE, based in St. Nazaire, France, is a world leading manufacturer of aircraft engine casings. FAMAT has a focus on providing solutions which are not only reliable and robust, but increasingly weight efficient and environmentally responsible. Demanding aerospace operating conditions present continual surface finishing challenges […]

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Solving the Issue of Deep Bores and Non-line of Sight Areas


Heat exchangers are used throughout various industries to transfer heat from one fluid to another. Often, these fluids are corrosive to metal, making it important that components are protected against galvanic chemical damage. In this particular application, the heat exchangers were made of multiple steels including carbon steel, Inconel cladding, and stainless steel – increasing […]

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Complex Geometries, Custom Masking


The world-leader in the development and manufacture of cutting-edge location sensor technology approached SIFCO ASC for assistance with gold plating their resonators. Their high-performance accelerometers, gyroscopes and other systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of customers for precision guidance, stabilization, navigation and orientation applications. To meet the specifications and maintain the repeatability and […]

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How to plate non-line of sight applications


The plating process plays a very important part across a range of industries, from aerospace to oil and gas and power generation. It’s easy to presume that selective plating or tank plating should be able to plate every component and complex part possible. However, there are instances where both of these processes are unsuitable due […]

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The power of remanufacturing and selective plating for the mining industry


As industries continue to look at ways to drive down costs, increase the lifespan of machinery and bring worn components back to their OEM specifications, remanufacturing is on the rise. Predominantly used in the mining and engineering sectors for off-highway vehicles (OHVs) and heavy equipment, it’s predicted that the market size for remanufacturing components in […]

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How XLUUVs Help Increase the Navy’s Fleet


The US Navy is increasing their subsea footprint. The American submarine fleet recently purchased four Orca robotic submarines from Boeing. As the Navy continues to decommission older vessels, they are finding alternatives to increase the gap in the fleet. The Orca is an Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicle, or XLUUV. It is 51 feet long, […]

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